Death Bubba

Death Bubba is a new high-quality hybrid. An amazing new strain that might be even better than the sum of its parts.

Those parts are two of the most outstanding marijuana strains in North America – Bubba Kush and Death Star.

During the 1990s Bubba Kush was one of the most famous names in the Californian dope scene, counting Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill and Dr Dre as some of its biggest fans.

The Kush phenotype (its particular genetic form) is one of the most important varieties of cannabis. Bubba Kush displays many of the most characteristic Kush attributes. The plant is thick and aquat and the buds dense and chunky. When burnt, Bubba Kush releases the classic Kush hashish flavours and it carries the aroma of coffee mixed with fruity notes.

The effects of Kush are usually heavy and sedative and Bubba Kush is a prime example. A 100% indica strain, with a high THC content, ranging from 15% to 22%, it lulls its users into a sedative state. But the Bubba Kush high is known for not preventing users from maintaining their focus and performing tasks. The strain is a great choice for those wishing to alleviate the symptoms of stress, insomnia and depression.

Meanwhile, in the Midwest, an indica-dominant hybrid strain with an earthy aroma and an unmistakable a blend of lemon and rubber, started to generate a following amongst weed aficionados. Death Star became well-known for the characteristic, creeping onset of its powerful high that broke over users in waves of relaxed euphoria.

The indica/sativa ratio of Death Star is a balanced 75/25, with its potency due to a notably high THC content. The effects of Death Star are typically positive and calming and it is often used to combat depression and stress.

Finally, then, these famous strains have been successfully bred and the result is Death Bubba. Death Bubba is visually remarkable, with deep purple hues and densely packed with trichomes and terpenes.

Combining Death Star and Bubba Kush has produced an extremely pungent skunk which releases a sweet, earthy smoke. Users describe the high as semi-sedative, which relaxes the user and slowly soothes physical discomfort.

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Ganja Express, Strains of Cannabis: Death Bubba

Death Bubba also known as a budget buds, as opposed to other strains like Fruit Loops, is indica dominant, that is, (30% sativa and 70% indica). This strain hails as a descendant of the largely famous Bubba Kush strain. Death Bubba has one of the highest THC levels (approx. 25-27%). This means that its effects on the bodycould manifest to the extent of death-like sleep. Immediately after taking a puff of this strain in a roll, a user feels a wave of rush, carrying someconcentrated form of energy all over the body, leaving him or her motivate anduplifted, with a propensity to have psychoactive experiences. This is followed by the desired feeling of high takes over the user; he or she begins to enter into a state of utter relaxation with deep spaciness and introspection which could eventually lead intointrovert like characteristics. The body may also feel numb, particularly on the legs. Upon the disillusionment from this high, Death Bubba transits the user into a deep and serene undisturbed sleep that can gofor several hours, almost like her or she is dead, hence the name “Death Bubba”. This strain bud has a fragrance that mimics that of a musky earthy pine. It also tasteslike spicy lemon pine with a tipoff of pungent earth when one exhales.
This strain’s budget buds has dark forest green nags that are medium-sized. The buds also have spatteringof fiery orange hairsand rich purple undertones. This strain is sometimes used for medical purposes, that is, to treat anxiety, and just like other strains of cannabis, it has side effects like dizziness and dry mouth. There are also those who are suffering from insomnia, after long hours spent doing overtime, and this strain, helps in giving them the sleep that they need, but only under a doctor’s prescription.

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