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Doob Dasher Best Sativa Flowers

Best Sativa Flowers can be easily found on Doob Dasher. It deals with all kinds of Sativa flowers and delivers them to your doorstep. [Read More]

Apricot Sativa

If you have been looking for that one edible that will help to animate you, if you have been desperate for that one strain that would annihilate you   [Read More]

What Are the Benefits of a Medical Cannabis Card in Legal States?

As states around the country decide to regulate adult cannabis, people will wonder what this means for medical cannabis providers and cardholders   [Read More]

No, CBD isn’t right for everyone: CBD myths Canadians need to know

Cannabidiol, classified simply as CBD, is one of the most commonly used cannabis products. Thanks to their popular therapeutic properties, cannabis physicians, specialists, and users are both justified in praising this un-psychoactive compound that is more useful than detrimental to the human body.  [Read More]

Gas Bubba

A strain that instantly reduces the stress is Gas Bubba. It offers a soft burst of euphoria that uplifts confidence and boosts moods, and it later evolves into a calming feeling that wraps the body in relief. And it offers patients medicinal comfort from a range of conditions with its 15-23% THC.  [Read More]

Cannabis oils: What Canadians need to know?

With the legalization of cannabis, Canadian retailers offer a large range of products and dispensaries offering various forms of cannabis oil extracts from dried plants.  [Read More]

Top  Cannabis Sativa Strains Of 2020

It is a widespread misunderstanding that sativas are not as strong as indicas. In reality, different Sativa strains generate 20 – 30% THC, much like Best indicas. [Read More]

Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies are a hybrid among Peyote Kush and purple Cookies. If you search for a quickly growing, high yield indica with gorgeous violet leaves, search no further. Peyote Cookies, the best Indica hybrid for both afternoon and night use.  [Read More]

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