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Budget Buds from Serene Farms is a group of carefully selected, high-quality cannabis flowers, on sale at specially discounted prices.  

Budget Buds is exclusive to Serene Farms as, unlike most other online dispensaries, Serene Farms grows its own cannabis plants.  This allows Serene Farms to sell directly to their customers and, with no middle-man to take a cut, this means cheaper prices.  

It also means that Serene Farms customers get the highest-quality, best-selling cannabis flowers for discounted prices that other online dispensaries can match.  You can also be sure that these strains are the ones currently being harvested by Serene Farms and much in demand across Canada.

The Budget Buds section of Serene Farm’s website contains a rotating selection of around eight to ten of the freshest, best and most popular strains across Canada.  The varieties of cannabis strains usually available from Serene Farms’ Budget Buds section often include such strains as Afghan Kush, Chocolate OG, Gelato and Sour Diesel.

To choose from this special selection of flowers, visit Serene Farms Budget Buds.  

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Toronto, March 21, 2020

Serene Farms’ customers can browse their Budget Buds section for a pick of the best-selling strains at discounted prices.  The Budget Buds selection always features specially chosen strains that are not only some of the best-selling in Canada, but are also of the highest quality.  

Most importantly the Budget Buds flowers are some of the cheapest cannabis products on the internet.  


Serene Farms maintains a selection of at least eight of its cusomer’s favorite flowers at discount prices.  They are able to do this as they are one of the few online dispensaries to farm their own cannabis plants. This generates considerable savings and Serene Farms are more than happy to pass these on to their customers.  

In this way Serene Farms ensures that many of Canada’s most popular strains are continually available at low prices.  The Budget Buds section will always provide the best Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains currently available.   

Afghan Kush, Gelato and Grand Daddy Purps are just three examples of the high-quality strains that are likely to feature in Serene Farms’ Budget Buds section. 

The legendary Afghan Kush is able to trace roots all the way to the mountains along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Afghan Kush is an Indica which, over centuries has been cultivated to produce some of the finest hash in the world.

Many might know Gelato by its alternative name, ‘Larry Bird’, whatever you choose to call it, this balanced Indica/Sativa (55/45) hybrid.  Gelato is frequently described as an ‘all-rounder’ and is the perfect strain for a wide range of uses. The flowers produce a sweet, citrus fragrance which mingles with unique doughy scents.  When ground, the flowers have a herbal, earthy profile, while on combustion, the flavors of Gelato have delightful notes of pine and hazelnuts.

As enjoyable as it is, Gelato is not only about the scent.  Gelato also serves up considerable scoops of stimulation and sedation, with THC levels topping out at 26%.  Users should experience powerful waves of body relaxation combined with a head-buzz. Gelato produces lucid feelings while users remain in a comfortable, relaxed state.

Grand Daddy Purple is a 100% Indica strain with exceptionally high THC levels.  This makes GDP a popular choice for anyone looking for a flower that produces a deeply sedative high.  Many cannabis users choose GDP for its propensity to rapidly calm both mind and body. Budtenders often recommend GDP as an aid to a good night’s sleep.

Grand Daddy Purps, Gelato and Afghan Kush are just three of a selection of cannabis strains you can find at specially reduced prices in Serene Farms’ Budget Buds section.  

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