Chocolate OG

The origins of Chocolate OG are unknown, with some speculating it was produced by crossing Chocolate Rain and the True OG strain. The developers of this strain are anonymous, although it seems to have spread out of Colorado. THC and CBD levels are unconfirmed. While somewhat imprecise, it is clear that THC levels are very high indeed – up to 26%. Therefore, it can be stated is that Chocolate OG is an extremely potent strain that is ideal for experienced users of marijuana. For those interested in this intriguing strain, it can be found in many cannabis stores and online dispensaries.

The appearance of Chocolate OG is typical of indica strains with large flowers that resemble pinecones and dense buds composed of tightly-coiled, dark green leaves. Pistils are a dark chocolate brown and there is an even covering of white, sticky trichomes.

The strain’s OG lineage is evident in its skunky odour and taste. But Chocolate OG is characterized by a unique cocoa scent, although very often the most dominant smell is of a pungent cheese. When exhaled the smoke has a pleasant coffee flavor.

As a very dominant indica strain, the high from Chocolate OG is slow acting. When it finally arrives it produces a powerful body high and cerebral effects. These can be so strong that some users may feel distinct psychedelic sensations. The main effects will be felt in the body with limbs becoming increasingly heavy. There is also a good chance that eyelids will also start to fall. For these reasons, it is certainly best to consume Chocolate OG later in the evening.

The heavy effects of Chocolate OG can have medical benefits. It can reduce severe pain and limit inflammation. Chocolate OG may also be used to treat conditions such as insomnia and a lack of appetite.

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Chocolate OG

It has speculation made that this strain is from a mixture of True OG strain and Chocolate Rain. It has a higher level of THC with an estimate of around 26%.  With the confirmed percentages of THC, it is clear that the Chocolate OG is for marijuana smokers of a higher experience. The stain is commonly found in cannabis supplies or even through online selling. It can survive both indoors and outdoors though outdoors climate must have temperatures of almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Chocolate OG appears like a common large flower with pinecones like with a thick bud which is coiled with dark leaves. Besides, it has dark chocolate brown pistils and a white sticky trichrome which covers the pistils. It’s also characterized by skunky taste and an exceptional cocoa scent with sharp-smell of pungent cheese, but when users smoke, it exhales a pleasant like coffee flavour. When it burns, it produces a smooth sour smoke within the environment and even to the user available at, Cheap Weed

The typical effects of Chocolate OG include relaxation, social and sedation effects while the common usage is depression, insomnia and for migraines. Once used, the user also experiences physical effects such as swollen limbs and eyelids and makes them much closer to their friends than before. It is highly recommended for use from the evening or nighttime as it causes much sleep nights to the users while the effects to others may be playing card games in the cold and watching movies.

There is a certain Cheap Weed threshold which medical practitioners can recommend to some patient for improvement of specific symptoms like anxiety, stress and depression. The strain can be used for medicinal values on the physical side where they can relieve pain from inflamed parts of the body if a doctor is carrying out a surgery or a chronic symptom for example fibromyalgia and lupus. There are no side effects identified.

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