Grand Daddy Purps

Grand Daddy Purple is a 100% indica strain that contains up to 23% THC content and very low levels of CBD. It was developed in San Francisco and is the product of crossing two well-known indica strains – Big Bud and Purple Urkle. As a pure indica with high THC levels, Grand Daddy Purple has become popular as a guaranteed way to find tranquility.

Often referred to as Grand Daddy Purps or, simply, GDP, this strain is reported as being easily the most requested strain from medical cannabis dispensaries. It is also used recreationally and is readily available from outlets and online dispensaries.

The Purple moniker derives from the plants aroma which has clear fruity, berry-like tones and has been compared to marshmallows. The taste is sweet and reminiscent of grapes.

As a 100% indica strain with a very high THC content, Grand Daddy Purple is an ideal means to find a deeply sedative high. GDP acts quickly to calm the body and mind, as such it is certainly a strain to enjoy in the evening and is particularly well-suited to use as an aid to a good night’s sleep.

GDP can also be used for a range of conditions that are eased by relaxation. Stress and anxiety are effectively reduced by GDP and it is also used to manage chronic pain. This strain is also an obvious choice for anyone suffering from insomnia.

It should be emphasised that GDP was really developed with many of these conditions in mind and is a reliable relaxant that is very effective at treating many conditions. The ‘body-melt’ frequently experienced with high THC indica strains is likely rather than possible and GDP is best used later in the day.

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Grand Daddy Purps

Grand Daddy Purps Cheap Weed is an Indica weed that is often used to alleviate discomfort, sleeplessness, and depression. The Indica effects and the higher THC levels of this strain will make you feel relaxed, happy, and starving.


Cheap Weed Granddaddy Purple is one of the more common strains of Indica, also known as Grand Daddy Purps, on the west coast and maybe the more famous ‘purple’ weed strain in the United States. Ken and his team were formed in San Francisco Bay in 2003 by Ken Estes and were attempting to create the ultimate Indica hybrid by merging two separate genetic variants, big bud, and purple Urkle.

The result of these two, Grand Daddy Purple, is a mirror image of her two greatest attributes, Purple Urkle’s rich yet dark purple shade, yet Big Bud’s overgrown, thick buds. Dark purple buds contrast well with bright orange hair and frosted white trichomes that thinly cover the flower, rendering it an incredibly photogenic weed. Grand Daddy Purps is used mainly for people to sleep and rest. If you have any questions about the Grand Daddy Purps, please contact us. is a leading online dispensary platform providing reliable cannabis information. It is meant to ensure patients with medical marijuana gain exposure to the healing effects of the plant and to allow cannabis users to create their own experiences.

Aroma and taste

Granddaddy Purple has the aroma of blending grapes and berries such as myrcene and limonene, beta-caryophyllene, humulene, and a little bit of beta-pinene. Grand Daddy’s THC scores typically vary from 17 percent to 23 percent. The excellent method of growing GDP makes it less harsh or, in other terms, it doesn’t have a burning feeling of the throat in its flavor. With the term Purple in it, you’re likely to know that the flavor will be like grapes. Tastes fresh ripe berries and syrupy grapes


Often people use Granddaddy Purple Strain to settle down or relax, but it also has many therapeutic consequences that many of us don’t know.

  • This, Grand Daddy Purps, according to many medical professionals, helps relieve depression, chronic pain, and tension.
  • GDP also helps those with a lack of appetite.
  • shop Grand Daddy Purps also benefits in recovering dry mouth and dry eyes.


The best moment to have Grand Daddy Purple is at night, as it’s one of the healthier sleeping and diminishing drugs for body pain. Upon an increasing release of GDP, the strain leaves a thin layer on the tissues of the body, resulting in residual bitterness.

When the smoke flows through your bloodstream, GDP gradually calms you down to a cool, peaceful condition. GDP pressure decreases fear, refreshes the mind, and gives you a pleasant sense of thoughtlessness that makes you relax. Visit, also known as “Buy My Weed Online,” and order now Grand Daddy Purps and boost your confidence and mind with the aid of a strong creative emphasis.

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