Godzilla Glue

Godzilla Glue is a truly balanced indica-sativa (50/50) hybrid. It originates from Hawaii and includes Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb and Chem’s Sister in its lineage. Godzilla Glue mixes the pungent, earthy, thickly budded properties of its parent strains with an unmistakable tropical island vibe. This has proven to be a winning combination, in 2014 Godzilla Glue was presented first place in the Michigan and Los Angeles Cannabis Cups. This award-winning strain is always in demand from consumers and readily recommended by budtenders. Look out for it in your local cannabis outlet or search online for dispensaries.

The name Godzilla Glue is perfectly apt. The strain produces enormous deep-green stalks and sticky, resinous buds, thick with trichomes. Earth and pine are the pungent aromas overlaid by an unmistakable tropical scent. When smoked or consumed as an edible form Godzilla Glue has the same mixture of earthiness and sweetness.

Many would argue that Godzilla Glue’s real strength lies in its high THC content thought to be in excess of 18% . This creates a high that has been characterized as “strong happiness.” First, Godzilla hits users with a positive cerebral-buzz. Second, it swings a more soothing head-rush that calms the user. Third, it smoothers with a heavy sedative.

Godzilla Glue is a big beast of a strain and budtenders would likely recommend that only more experienced users try to tackle it. Godzilla Glue is most suitable for seasoned users.

Godzilla Glue has been used to help deal with stress as well as pain and nausea.

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Dispensary Introduces Godzilla Glue
​Part of the Budget Buds line-up, this was created as a high-yielding specimen from its parent strain Chem Sis that was accidentally crossed with Sour Dubb, the second plant. Even though this unintentional combination gave rise to an excellent strain, researchers explain that the outcome was not as perfect as it should have been. As a result, researchers proceeded to add into the mix, some King Kong genetics. This final combination made the already impressive strain even better, with a reduced flowering time, that is, between 8 and 8 ½ weeks. This strain flowers in bright green foliage that boasts of shade of fluorescence.  These buds are dense and compact, yet beset by high volumes of psychoactive resin and crystal trichomes. The sugar leaves that surround its budding sites are covered with this viscous substance. This makes Godzilla Glue an outstanding strain of choice with regards to crafting your personal supply of hash. The strain’s resin is packed with aromatic molecules called terpenes that account for its unique and potent smell of cannabis. Godzilla Glue flowers are responsible for its pungent scents of diesel, pine, and sweetness. One can smell these flowers from afar, so try to store them in an airtight stash jar if you need to.
Godzilla Glue, part of the Budget Buds line-up, also has a high THC content that results in an immediate psychoactive impact when smoked.  The average THC concentration of this strain is 17%, which firmly places it in the middle of the pack in comparison to other strains. The onset of its high is felt as a head rush that takes root in one’s psyche, lifting their mood to new horizons. This experience manifests as a head high that is euphoric, motivating, and mood-boosting. This strain will always impress growers in terms of quality and quantity. The strain in grown while considering optimal nutrition and light parameters, with frequent pruning and topping to ensure that the plants produce their best. Indoor specimens are able of putting out monster produce that is, approx. 1500g/m².

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