Are you looking for blends to experience true peace? Well, it is about time you try Indica strains. Though there are many popular Indica strains with much creativity and genetics, there are plenty of Indica dominant blends available for all cannabis lovers out there who would love a good time.

Online dispensary Canada - Best Indica Strains for Indica Lovers

If you want to experience true relaxation and peace, indica strains are the one for you. They provide whole-body effects and have many medical uses as well. Here are a few online dispensary Canada indica strains that are only for you.

Gas – Indica

A phenotype of OD Kush and 100% pure Indica; the very famous farmer Loompa was the one to cultivate these strains. It is a very mild citrusy flavor and a mild diesel gas aroma on inhale. This amazing blend is known for potent sedation, and as it is an Indica strain, it has very long-term effects. It provides a whole-body relaxation effect.

Tuna Kush – Indica

Also known as a Runa Kush, this strain is a phenotype of Hindu Kush. Having 70% indica and 30% Sativa, it has very high levels of THC. It has amazing effects when it comes to customers and cannabis lovers and easily available at online dispensary Canada. The feeling of happiness and ultimate relation is just the start of the strain. It ends with a very strong sedative effect.

Strawberry Banana – Indica

A cross of bubble gum strain and banana strain, this strain has a magical taste and fruity aroma. The aroma is the main attracting element of this strain. Though it is an Indica strain, it is unique, and so are its effects. It excites the person and makes them mentally clear and focused. A whole-body relaxation experience is a long-term effect.

Blue Mystic – Indica

A very scented blueberry strain, much like an Indica strain but has an amazing blueberry taste and aroma.  This strain is one of the loved strains available on online dispensary Canada and many other strains, blends, and cannabis products. This dispensary was inaugurated in 2018, but due to their amazing products and authentic strains, they have made their name among all the cannabis users.


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