Greasy Pink

Greasy Pink is a mainly Indica type which is very potent and is known to blend Pink Kush and Bubba Kush. This strain is ideally used for insomnia or evening usage due to the high THC level.


When selecting a marijuana variety, users often look at two things: THC and CBD levels. Probably the smells and flavor of a particular variety are usually just freshening things up, but the whole experience is defined by its CBD or THC density. Cheap Weed Greasy’ Pink is an unusual and potent combination with a 32 percent THC. This dominant strain best for night use or whether you only want to be stoned


Cheap Weed Greasy ‘Pink is a really rare and exclusive Indica variety that must be tried by all Marijuana lovers. If you are in search of some of the best Indica Type strains, this is the best option for oneself.

The high of Greasy’ Pink may not be a start until 15-20 minutes after consumption. Eventually, smokers experience a sense of tightness around temples and lower foreheads; there are also reports of some flushing in the cheeks. But, when these strange feelings subside, consumers can experience certain visual or auditory disturbances and the odd sense of time passing more slowly. Such sensory shifts can help to build a hazy trance atmosphere that is ideally adapted to lounging with moody songs.

Cheap Weed Greasy ‘Pink weed, rocks the body with its internal transforming powers that encourage comfort and a romantic feeling of joy and relief. It is an enjoyable treat after a long day’s work; generally, it ends in hungry sleepiness.


Cheap Weed Greasy ‘Pink is a potent Indica hybrid between the Bubba Kush and Pink Kush. This fantastic and very powerful strain makes users happy to feel relax, with its fresh aroma, and impressive THC consumption.

The flowers of Cheap Weed Greasy ‘Pink offer an earthy smell similar to wet leafy and soil, Cracking these dense buds open or grinding produces a spice, crispy aroma that disrespects the lineage of Kush. When vaporized, Pink Bubba fires with huge, smoky fumes and can cause some sneezing or itchy eyes. This smoke smells woody with a small floral accent in the exhalation. Many that play in public will want to be careful because Pink Bubba may be a pungent smoke in particular.

Pink Bubba is characterized by a small too big size and a curvy, nearly spherical shape. They hold to clusters of pebbles that establish a tight internal framework of the bud. The fairly tiny leaves of the flowers are a colorful yellowish-green, warped with gloomy, rusting trichomes. Finally, stylish white trichomes coat many of those thick flowers’ noticeable structures that make them strongly sticky.


Cheap Weed Greasy ‘Pink has a fantastic array of assets that make pot so desirable. It provides protection in their strength from various illnesses and conditions. This strain is very fast and effective, and not to be overlooked by any medical marijuana patient, it will never disappoint you.

Cheap Weed Greasy ‘Pink can also reduce physical discomfort, severe, injuries, or chronic.


Cheap Weed Greasy ‘Pink provides a highly, inducing feeling for your body. People who face insomnia can also find swift relaxation in this cannabis strain. Cheap Weed Greasy ‘Pink has a strong THC score, offering consumers a wonderful pre-bedtime experience. If you are interested in trying this strain. Visit Cheap Weed, the leading online dispensary, and order Greasy ‘Pink, and start enjoying the romantic feeling of joy.

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