Four Amazing Medicinal Effects of Sativa Marijuana Strains

Marijuana, or cannabis, is an important plant, especially for medicinal use. Cannabis users usually opt for indica because it is associated with a body high, but for the mental high, you need some Sativa influence as well. The Sativa strains are known for their mental highs, which are being actively used for medicinal purposes. Online dispensaries such as Ganja express, offers best amazing Sativa strains for many health and medical condition.

Medicinal Effects

The medicinal effects can be characterized by alleviating active symptoms and treating conditions. They can be used for a good time, but the therapeutic use is amplified with Sativa dominant strains. Get the best sativa strains at Ganja express

  1. Serotonin boosting

According to Ganja express, marijuana is known for dopamine regulation, but it has been found that Sativa strains also help in regulating serotonin by activating serotonin receptors in the brain. This helps improve mood and uplift the motivating and energizing aspects of the personality. The mental high is dependent on the level of THC, but it does not usually leave you sedated.

  1. Learning aid

The regulation of dopamine and serotonin both helps in better memory and focusing the person’s concentration. It helps in better learning and retaining information. Sativa helps creeping the mental high the balanced THC levels in these hybrids retain consciousness.

  1. Chronic pain and other conditions

Alleviating pain and chronic pains such as those associated with cancers or neuropathies is better relieved by Sativa. It helps in relaxing the body due to low indica levels and also the THC in the mix. It also helps in lowering the frequency of painful episodes. The regulation of serotonin also helps heal the nerves and slows its triggering.

  1. Mental health

Depression, anxiety, ADHA, PTSD, and other conditions such as bipolar disorders are better controlled with Sativa as the mental buzz helps in keeping the user calm and relaxed, while regulation of happy hormones and enzymes alleviates the sadness and other associated symptoms.


Both Indica and Sativa are important there is no argument for classifying one better than the other, which is why crossing strains and cultivating Sativa Strains helps in concentrating both effects in one. Visit the dispensary Ganja express to get the best strains for therapy


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