Best ways to smoke weed: How to Smoke a Bong

When it comes to managing pain and other disorders such as anxiety and stress, weed has been known to be the most effective. But using a joint or a blunt also puts your lungs at risk of dry heat and tobacco or paper fumes. The Best ways to smoke your weed are directly with no addition of any sort. The online dispensary Ganja Express that offers therapeutic marijuana offers a way to eliminate the harmful risks and enhance the effectiveness of your weed.

A Bong

A bong is a glass piece large enough to contain water at the bottom, a mouthpiece directly on top of it, and a small protruding flask from the bottom piece where you can put your weed. It just might be one of the Best ways to smoke weed. Now with more and more popularity of this technique, there are different sizes and colors available in bongs for different recreational use. It is said that bong is an effective and safer way to inhale the condensed smoke of your weed from Ganja Express.

Using a Bong

Usually, these apparatuses are seen in chemistry labs where combustion reactions are showcased. The idea of the smoke being filtered into the water has gained much popularity. When using a bong, you must keep the lid on the mouthpiece, so the smoke does not escape. You place your weed on the protruding end of the bong and heat it. When properly heated, the smoke makes a combustion reaction with water, and condensed smoke is seen near the mouthpiece.

The smoke is then inhaled directly. The hits are stronger and longer. Eliminating the risks of dry heat and any other toxin; what you are inhaling is 100%weed in the form of wet smoke.

The Best Way

It is and always has been among the best ways to smoke. The smoke in the bong is made with water which does not damage the lungs. The main aim of using medical weed from Ganja Express is to target the problem at hand with reduced side effects.


While using the bong, you can have better control of your aggravating symptoms and not be stressed about any other damage making bong one of the Best ways to smoke. Get all the best smoke products and strains at Ganja Express


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