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Best cannabis strains of summer 2020

No matter how you’re planning to spend the summer, the strain of Ganja Express cannabis is right for you. Some of us are going to some spot, some are going to the nearby beach, and others have buddies to hang out. Each get-together can be enhanced by adding the right soothing strain. To better plan your next summer event, we’ve picked some of the best strains that are guaranteed to give you pure pleasure. Here are a few strains that best balance the heat of the summer.

Blue Lemonade

Blue Lemonade is the right strain for you in the summer. This powerful sativa strain offers energetic benefits and mental relaxation, and is ideally matched to those who need something calming and relaxing after a long day of stress. No doubt that this strain is as good as it seems, when you smoke Blue Lemonade, you’re going to get refreshing aromas of light citrus.

Skywalker OG

If you’re searching for the perfect strain that’s going to reach you quickly and euphorically, then you can try Skywalker OG. After a few hits, you will suddenly feel away from all the discomfort, anxiety and distress, and you can even feel mentally relaxed.  If you find it hard to sleep, this strain will help you sleep deep and restful.

Jilly Bean

If you’re searching for a sweet, spicy Indica-dominant combination, Jilly Bean is the right choice for you. Jilly Bean typically provides a high degree of motivation without anxiety.

Jungle Cookies

Jungle Cookies is a calming, sweet-smelling hybrid strain. This powerful strain is ideally suited for use in the evening when you don’t have a list of things to do. Let the euphoric effects fully absorb the body and mind and transfer into a comfortable state of being.

Pineapple Express

It’s hard to match Pineapple Express when we speak about the summer strains. Pineapple Express is a legendary mix of hard-hitting Trainwreck and Hawaii. As a consequence, you’re going to get one of the finest kinds of weed that anybody can appreciate. Pineapple Express is going to offer you a relaxing and gentle high that will last for several hours. You’re not going to have any concern or stress in your mind, and your body is going to be rid of all discomfort, making it extremely simple to chill with friends or at home. It’s perfect for about every purpose and can even help with conditions such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, and pestering discomfort.

Kandy Kush

Ganja Express Kandy Kush is one of the best weed strains. Kandy Kush is the perfect choice if you want a super-sweet strain to appease your taste buds. It has a charming scent and flavour of hints of zesty citrus. It has moderate THC rate, making it perfect for those who want to chill high without being overwhelmed.

It’s ideal for evening and night usage because it makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and free from any sort of pain or physical tension. In addition, you should often be handled with a relaxed stimulation of the brain that frees the mind from useless worries.

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