Who said all you could do with marijuana is smoke it? Have you not heard of pot cookies? Similarly, now gummies are used frequently to infuse cannabis and marijuana in. These little sweet treats are easy to control for dosage and taste great when put together. The online dispensary doobdasher offers amazing flavours to satisfy chocolate cravings.


Why eat when you can smoke?

When it comes to the potency of any cannabis strain, may it be Sativa or Indica or even a hybrid. The THC levels may vary from strain to strain, but the most prolonged effect has been observed when these strains are eaten rather than smoked. Thanks to the doobdasher, you can now indulge in sweet snacks that will fulfill your THC or CBD requirement for medical or health purposes.

When ingested, these strains stay longer in the body and are circulated for a longer time, which increases the duration of action and also increases the effect.

Snack from Doob Dasher

Cannabis is intricate work; doobdasher has worked for over two decades to grow marijuana and make cannabis products. This online Canadian dispensary has the best premium marijuana for medical use. They deliver it all over Canada, treats that should be tried;

  1. Ganja baked – white chocolate marble 150mg THC

Not all hash users like to smoke; some get creative and use it as a snack. Such as this amazing piece of brownies which has high levels of THC and is an amazing mood-elevating and energizing snack.

  1. Ganja edibles peanut butter cup 3 X 40 (120MG THC)

A good peanut butter cup with amazing cannabis in it is both yummy and healthy. The THC levels are enough to keep you good for a few hours.

  1. Boost dark chocolate pack- THC 200MG

Having small pieces of good quality dark chocolate slabs to sweeten the high THC levels as you enjoy the buzz; it adds a different note to the buzz.


Order your THC treats from the doobdasher and enjoy the treat while you relax. Good quality cannabis products are safe and potent in use.


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