Anxiety is an emotional disease, it has different components such as stress, fear, guilt’s, etc, and that actually affects the physical components of health such as an increase in blood pressure, change in pulse and breathing, change in temperature and even painful sensations. CBD has been known to lower anxiety; thanks to doobdasher, now you can have your anxiety under control.


Your little friend

Having an anxiety disorder can almost cripple you from time to time. With regular allopathic medication, the adverse effects are far more than the benefits, so why not consider something more organic? CBD or cannabidiol oil has been around for ages and has been used for different purposes. Get this amazing product at doobdasher

According to recent research and clinical data, CBD can lower anxiety at higher doses. Which means all you need to do is adjust the dose but watch out for THC because high doses of THC can induce anxiety as well.


CBD Gummies

The CBD gummies were a great idea in testing CBD levels, and these little candies can be easily infused, and the dose can be controlled daily easily. But the concoction was so good that they have been on the shelf of the doobdasher dispensary ever since.

It is one of the cannabis products that the dispensary feels pride in. This dispensary has been around for over two decades, and the gummy CBD’s are one of the best sellers.


These edibles are enjoyed just for the sake of fun, but they help with social anxiety. Available in Strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, tangerine, black currant, and cherry cola flavours.

  1. MIKRO – 1:1 GUMMIES (100MG CBD: THC)

Having low levels of both CBD and THC makes it a hybrid and are CNS stimulants. For day users, it is the best sweet snack.


Made for diligence and precision, they have very high levels of THC and very effective for anxiety and depression.


Anxiety may be crippling, but there are natural remedies infused with different candies to help you get through. Thanks to the doobdasher, now you can order your CBD gummies online.

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