Here at  Doob dasher, there is a wide range of cannabis products that are displayed on the website that are suitable for treating mental illness. Mental illness is the leading illness in populations these days; with the tiring times that are ahead of us messes up with our minds, so to take your mind off of things, cannabis takes you to a ride that gives you the wings to fly high and makes your worries go away.


Lemon Grass (AA)

The lemon grass (AA) strain by the Doob dasher gives you a buzz that you have been looking for, so you have come to the right place. This strain will uplift your mood when you are having a bad day or a bad week. It will help you spend some quality time with your friends, a stress-free time, so you don’t have to think about issues that do not need attention right now.

Mental illness comes with the problems at hand, so when your mind dozes off or goes away from the problems, it gives you a free pass to think about things that make you happy and not let you stress out.

Milky Way (AAAA)

The Milky Way (AAAA) strain, easily available at Doob dasher, gives you the mental space to be creative and stress-free. When your mind wanders into its creative capacity, you tend to become a lot more productive than usual. A productive mind is a stress-free mind, so it does help with treating mental illnesses because it takes away half your problems that come with a work block.

Moonwalker (AAAA)

The moonwalker (AAAA) strain by Doob dasher is a strain that is known for its cerebral calming abilities. It soothes your mind and allows you to think calmly. It allows you to slow your pace and think about things rationally. When you have the power to do that; it gives you the power to treat your mental illness


To conclude this article, cannabis strains are extremely helpful in giving you and your mind a break so you can breathe properly and think rationally.

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