Doob-dasher: – How to use edibles for a great high

Whether you are someone who has never tried marijuana edibles or is someone who wants to know more, this article by DoobDasher is just the thing for you as here you will get to learn more about how you can effectively take edibles to ensure that you have a pleasant and quality time.

Understanding its working

Before you begin diving into consuming multiple forms of edible at once, it is best that you first try to understand its effects on your body and what you can expect during your first time. One thing to keep in mind is that the effect is different for everyone. With smoking and inhaling, you get its effects instantly under 5 minutes, whereas in edibles, it is different.

Longer high

Once the edible is in your stomach, the action begins from there. Many people do not know this, but the effect of taking marijuana containing products is much stronger than inhaling. The chemicals present in marijuana tend to stay longer in the body. By taking cannabis-infused edibles, you can expect to have a better and well-rested sleep at night.

Taking it slowly

One great tip from DoobDasher when taking edible is to take it in moderation so that you do not end up having withdrawal symptoms later on. Taking a small nibble and waiting it out for a day is a great way to start. Once you have passed that stage, you could then move to taking higher doses.

Overindulgence issue

If for any reason, you have taken extreme amounts of edible, then the best thing would be to drink lots of fluid and take plenty of rest. There is absolutely no need to go to the hospital as this can be done at home. If you feel that you have taken too much, try to rest and drink water/ solid foods.


So these were some of the tips when dealing with edibles for the first time. At the end of the day, you have to make sure that you are taking it in a balanced manner so that you can experience a pleasant and healthy time. DoobDasher strives to give the highest quality edibles and cannabis products to its consumers, which is why they are popular among all Cannabis users. Visit DoobDasher and get your favorite deal without any hassle.

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