Four Amazing Sativa strains for Creativity, Energizing, and Focus

Online dispensaries in Canada offer different medicinal varieties of marijuana. The cannabis plant is entirely therapeutic and is used for many reasons. Among the two strains of marijuana, Sativa Strains are known to have more medicinal benefits as it is loaded with CBD and its related cannabinoids and terpenes. DoobDasher have been providing best marijuana strains for ages now, and they have the right strains for you.

Strains to use

According to DoobDasher, CBD is the no psychoactive component that helps provide many medicinal benefits. The Sativa Strains have been shown to potentially increase the creativity of the user, bring in more positive energy, and increase the focus on the target. Here are some amazing strains you can try.

Agent Orange (AA+)

The purple-colored Agent Orange can end the user giggly, social, happy, energized, and euphoric. It is 75 percent Sativa and 25 percent Indica, with a High THC of 18.5 percent.  It is suitable for use throughout the day since the cerebral high begins to fade after half an hour, allowing you to cope with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, small aches, and etc.

AK-47 (AA+)

Treating bipolar disorder, depression, stress, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraines, and even PTSD. It helps make the person euphoric, creative, and energized. This strain has also won the award of the cannabis cup for its high THC, 18.5%. However, it is Sativa dominant with 65% and 35% indica.

Astroboy (AA+)

A potent strain with 70% Sativa and 30% indica, having 19% THC; High hits can make the person euphoric, energized, and happy. It helps to relieve asthma, nausea, chronic pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, stress, and PTSD. The effects are somewhat hazy motivation and a blissful sensation that leaves you munching.


This cake is the best even if it’s not your birthday; with 19-20% THC, it gives you sudden lifts of euphoria and energy. It helps alleviate chronic stress, depression, fatigue, headaches, and nausea and induces a good cerebral buzz.


Cannabis has two key components known as THC and CBD, which are constantly present in varying percentages in every strain and flower; and sativa strains from DoobDasher always aid users in various medical conditions. For all the best strains, visit DoobDasher

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