Edible shrooms! No, we are not talking about the ones you add to your food but ones that you would definitely add to your favorite cannabis products. Have you heard about them before? Cannabis edibles are the best thing to have happened to cannabis lovers. Doobdasher has in store for you some super yummy edible cannabis shrooms that you must try if you have not already. Let us list down the best ones.

Edible Mushrooms - Must try these doobdasher edible shrooms.

Wonder– 1G Blood orange Psilocybin Chocolate Bar

Doobdasher never disappoints! Here it is with an edible shroom in chocolate form. This Blood Orange chocolate is finely infused with shrooms. This chocolate bar is the right psilocybin dose you are looking for. Blood Orange chocolate bar will leave you feeling all relaxed and light-headed. It can very well treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia. There could not be a better way to feel good and relaxed, and that is for sure.

Funguy – Strawberry Truffles

To satisfy your psilocybin needs, the Doobdasher has introduced these amazing strawberry truffles. These shroom-infused strawberry truffles from a doobdasher are just the right and yummiest way to consume your dose of psilocybin. Just as the name says, these strawberry truffles have a sweet fruity flavor like that of strawberries which would linger on your taste buds when you consume these yummiest. These white chocolate truffles will definitely make you experience a different psychedelic vibe.

Microgenix Mini Psilocybin Gummies (100MG)

Handcrafted with perfection, the Doobdasher has brought you these yummy gummies that you need not miss out on. These psilocybin-infused gummies possess a flavor that is the right combination of sweet and sour. They come in three mouth-watering flavors that are sour raspberry, pina colada, and fuzzy peach.  The Microgenix mini psilocybin gummies are known for giving you a moderate psychoactive effect on minimum consumption. However, if you consume more, the effects will increase too.


Now that we have briefly informed you about how amazing these mini treats from the Doobdasher are, the thing you must do is to go make your shroom purchase right away and enjoy your psychedelic experience.


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