Dark Star

Buy Weed Online Dark star offers its users a deep relaxation and sedation and has a reasonable but ample THC level. It also appears like a star, shrouded with its luminous, luscious trichomes. Dark Star is perfect for night-time use.


The Dark Star strain of cannabis developed by the perfect mixture of Mazar-I-Sharif and Purple Kush, and it took second place in 1999 in the Strongest Indica Category at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It was born by T.H. Seeds, who did it indoors and who, after a Grateful Dead Poem, perhaps named the Dark Star.


The Dark Star weed variety has an earthy fragrance and traces of oak. You can even get the scent of blackberries when it achieves maturity.

Not everybody is in love with the Dark Star scent but excels in the department of flavor. Although they taste earthy, you still get traces of grape and hops for an overall good smoking experience.

One feature you’ll find in the Dark Star appearance is its large ringed bags packed with shimmering trichomes. The Dark Star is just a pungent weed. It’s a kind of weed that looks artistically nice even in a bag, and we think what a lovely look at the plants as they flower.


For those who are seasoned consumers, this strain is not extremely high. But on the other hand, this strain impact is very powerful for new users. If you are a new marijuana consumer, this strain is the ideal way for you to experience the journey of cannabis.

As it is almost a pure Indica, the Dark Star offers you a heavy body that can render you lazy. However, it’s not the same as other sedative strains. Dark Star is more than able to offer you a high degree that relates to your spacing. This strain is best for late-night sausage, or when you have nothing to do. The dark start is the best pick for those who want to relax and chill out.


Dark Star has good CBD content, which is why it’s a favorite of medical marijuana users. The record in 2014 was that 77 % of Americans suffered everyday stress-induced psychological disorders. In 2017, the same organization claimed that 63% of Americans were stressed.

In other terms, a number of people are suffering from depression, and the Dark Star might prove to be incredibly useful. This strain is very effective for people with disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression.


Dark Star was very common as an effective analgesic. Therefore, whether you have persistent pain or muscle spasms, you will enjoy the physical body provided by this intense Indica strain. Sleepless people can even experience the sedative influence of the Dark Star. If you are interested in buying this strain, so why are you waiting now? Visit Buy Weed Online, one of the leading online dispensary, and order now Dark star and start enjoying the Amazing results of this strain.

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