Best ways to smoke weed: How to Smoking Cannabis at Home without Annoying Your Neighbors

Even Though the world is open to new experiments and adventures, many people still believe cannabis to be a drug that should not be used. There is no need to argue with what is better and what is not; just trust cheap weed to offer you the best ways to smoke without letting your neighbor know. With much research in the field of therapeutics, there are plenty of odorless ways you can smoke your weed.

Cannabis On guard

Smoking cannabis from cheap weed can have a very strong aroma around you. The marijuana plant naturally has a pungent and earthy smell; when you heat the trichomes, it becomes stronger and can stay for a longer time. Therefore when you start inhaling your weed, it should either be in a very open space or in a compact area where the aroma does not escape.

Masking the Scent

There are many ways for masking the scent of weed; one of the best ways to smoke weed and not have its aroma clouding around you is to Vape. Vape uses a liquid form of weed that means the contents of it are extracted in an oil form which is then burned for effect. With much creativity and demand, vapes are now available in plenty of flavors, and that masks the smell well; all you are left behind is fruit scents. Get the best vape and distillate products at cheap weed


It might come as a shock, but bongs do not have much scent trail as a regular joint does. The smoke is inhaled, and the scent vanishes quickly. Also, you can always freebee after it.

Dryer Sheets

Covering the area with dryer sheets can reduce the escape of smoke and scents too. The mild scent of dryer sheets is all that can be detected. It helps keep all the smoke inside. Many weed users opt for this technique for being one of the best ways to smoke weed.


Smoking weed is a personal life choice, but it should not annoy the people you live around. That being said, now you can enjoy your cheap weed strains with the best ways to smoke it!


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