Cannabis for colds and flu? Here’s what the experts say

Is weed affecting colds and flu? The pain-reducing, sleep-inducing, and anti-inflammatory effects of THC and CBD have been discovered in cannabinoids. After approximately five to seven days, most healthy adults bounce back from both cold and flu.

Cannabis for colds and flu? Here’s what the experts say

There is still a lot of studies required on the effects of cannabis on cold and flu, but new data shows that if you treat it safely with products from BMWO, the symptoms may be controlled. However, THC and CBD have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, to relieve discomfort, to decrease fever, and to cause sleep.

Yeah, that will be the perfect way to ease your physical pain to make sure you get a healthy sleep – all that is necessary for recovery. And with respect to inflammation, this causes a sore throat, swelling of the nasal passages, and a stuffy nose and fever that helps you feel better.

Experts are also looking at the effects of THC and CBD, just with one counsel: don’t smoke. It irritates your nose, throat, and lungs, and in the long term you will feel bad.

College of Family Physicians of Canada says the influence of cannabis on colds and influenza has not been verified by adequate studies. From a naturopathic standpoint, Dr. Shawn Meirovici, an ND from Toronto, is a pain control expert. He reiterates that there is no clear connexion between the usage of cannabis and colds and flu care. He added, though, that recent research suggests that effects may be controlled if cannabis is treated safely.

He says, “The THC and CBD cannabinoids have established pain relief, sleep induction, and anti-inflammatory properties.” Hence he implies that cannabis can help you relieve body aches, alleviate airways inflammation, and improve sleep relaxing.

As with flu effects, he notes that hemp often has “antipyretic or fever relief properties so it will relieve the immune system.”

Meirovici notes that smoking can further irritate mucous membranes, worsening cough, or throat. And it refers to the previously described immune suppressant properties that could theoretically spread a viral infection until a canna-lemon drop is reported.

Meirovici claims that. “The research was primarily in vitro or rats; no studies on human beings to date have been carried out.”

Finally, the easiest approach to prevent cold or flu is to interrupt the propagation: wash your hands daily, sneeze onto your arm, and sit at home while ill.

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