Ways to Make Hash at Home

BMWO Hash is a type of cannabis extract made by collecting cannabis trichomes. The type of cannabis used, the form of cultivation, the temperature, and the kief’s purity affect its color, varying from light to black carbonate, and its form, ranging from foldable to rough and delicate taffy. Hashish oxidizes and darkens with sunlight, oxygen, and heat exposure. Whatever the thickness, high-quality hash should be softer with easy hand warmth. Fans characterize the high that hash produces also as more complicated than the kief. In the traditional hash maker region, the kief is normally aged for one year or more until it is pressed. Many new producers of hash haven’t waited long enough.

Here are some of the ways to create Hash at home

Rolling with hand

It is probably the simplest way to create hash and virtually no equipment is required. It is also one of the most common hash production methods and is still performed in some places in India and Nepal. But this is a time-consuming method that creates minimal returns. So, if you are going to do hash using this process, get ready for a tough day.

You will need

  • BMWO Cannabis buds that are not dried. May not use dried, trimmed hemp.
  • Make sure your hands are cleaned. Using non-residual, non-scented hand soap with the best organic outcomes possible.

Take a weed bud in your hand  and make sure all leaves or stalks are removed. Place the bud between both hands and start to roll the bud in a circular movement softly. Do not add too much strain to your bud to prevent plant particles from contaminating your hash. You should start getting a dark, black resin on your fingertips and palms. It’s hash or charas. Place this hash over a smooth surface and push together to form a tiny ball or block.


This is one of the most common and most straightforward ways of creating the hash. It requires scrubbing weed trimmings by a fine sieve to make a very powerful kief, which is subsequently forced into a block.

Try freezing the weed in a ziplock container overnight to make it easier to extract the trichomes from the plants.

You’ll need:

  • Weed trimmings
  • Any card or credit card
  • Sheets of Baking paper and Silkscreen

Place a sheet of baking paper, like a kitchen table, on a clean board. The paper sheet should be marginally wider than your silkscreen. Place the silkscreen over the bakery paper. Next, put your weed trims on the silkscreen and split all wide parts apart. Using your hands to shift the trim across the silkscreen softly to help isolate the trichomes from the plants’ substance. You can see a tiny amount of kief appearing underneath the screen on the baking paper. Keep shifting the trimmings across the screen until around 10-20 percent of the total sum of trimmings you used amounts to the kief under the sieve. If you used 100 g of trimmings, you could be aiming to produce around 10 g of kief. When the trimmings have been sifted, it is time to pick and press your kief. We recommend to create a pleasant stack on the baking paper and push it to a thin hash block by using a credit card.

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