This fantastic strain of BMWO “Strawnana” sounds like an excellent, balanced treat. However, this potent Strawnana is a well-known cannabis variety with strong pain-reduction results. Users also benefit from their ability to mitigate symptoms of stress and to relieve discomfort. It has 20-25% THC, a level that beginners can use with care this strong indicia strain.


Strawnana is a hybrid strain of the Indica dominance “70% indicia” created by crossing the traditional Crockette Banana Kush X Strawberry Bubble Gum. Strawnana produces a relaxing, joyful high that helps you feel comfortable and creative. It develops rapidly and creates ecstatic brain results that flood you with profound imagination and inspiration. You will be focused and energetic, ready to overcome any mental illness, or engaging in conversations with your surroundings.


Strawnana has a typical light fruity fragrance of strawberry exhaled with hints of bubble gum and banana. The aroma is the same, except for the earthy citrus effect. Strawnana buds have flat, oversized olive green tassels with dense, thick, amber hair and a frosty coat of amber crystal trichomes.


Strawnana is relaxed and happy to feel mentally stimulated and then emotionally kicked from start to finish. You will be energetic and active, ready to overcome any emotional illness, or engage in communications with your friends. This lifted state is accompanied by a heavy body that leaves you tired and sedated as the mind slides deeper and higher. Strawnana is often chosen to treat persistent discomfort, depression, extreme worry, ADD or ADHD, insomnia, or nausea.


Strawnana Strain usually offers consumers a feeling of euphoria and pleasure. Its intense relaxing influence is one of its main advantages. It can also have potential benefits for people with depression, anxiety, and, in general, discomfort. This incredible strain is handy for someone who struggles from a lack of sleep.

It’s also common to develop your creativity and sharpen your senses and vision. The outcome is caused by the peaceful calming influence and the general sense of enjoyment of the strain.


Strawnana is well-recognized for its elevated THC levels and giving you an overall feeling of comfortable pleasure. This can improve a variety of things, such as depression and insomnia, but especially useless worries.

If you’re eager to try this potent strain, why are you waiting? Visit BMWO, one of the leading online dispensary, and start experiencing the impressive performance.

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