CBD Tinctures: Four Things Every Consumer Should Know

It is important to understand things that you are planning to start, especially when it is something health-related. Even though this is a recreational drug, it does not mean it will not have any drug interactions or cross-tolerance. Therefore when you decide to start CBD Tincture, only trust online dispensaries such as BMWO and do your homework.

All you need to know

Marijuana has two separate strains, both medically important; while THC is a more mind stimulating strain, CBD is a subtle relaxer that alleviates pain and helps in neuro recovery. The strain dominated by CBD is Sativa, and therefore users who want to have a good mental buzz opt for THC, which is in the indica strain. There is much more to CBD as well. Here are some uses according to BMWO:

  • Its use

When it comes to CBD tinctures, there is no one way. You can start with any way you find suitable. You can ingest it by adding it to foods or drinks, inhale it by Vaping and even adding it to your weed, and even use it topically by adding hemp seed oil to it. Get the best CBD vape products at BMWO

  • Its base

The tincture is made from 60 – 70% of absolute alcohol; the alcohol is used in the extraction of the cannabinoids and CBD. That is why it should not be consumed more than the prescribed dose.

  • Its effect

It takes 15 minutes for CBD to take effect when ingested, and the effect stays for over 14 hours. The effect cannot be much expressive as there is no mental buzz or bodily high. For localized pain, it can be used topically for instant relief.

  • Expiry

Keeping it in direct sunlight and exposed to direct light can reduce its potency. However, the expiry of these tinctures is far beyond 2-3 years on the shelf. But as it is alcohol-based, it needs to be air-tight, so the alcohol doesn’t evaporate.


It is a known fact that CBD tincture is a therapeutically active extract that is being used in certain medical conditions. Especially when it comes to mental illnesses, CBD offers many benefits. Get all the best CBD products at BMWO


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