Black widow

BMWO Black widow is a potent type of cannabis with a THC concentration of between 15 and 28 percent. It is provided with certain valuable medicinal properties and has a decent CBD ranking.


Shantibaba is reported to grow the Black Widow weed type. He was once the co-owner of Green House Seeds (GHS). The most eye-catching attribute of the Black Widow is the buds covered in a vast number of white trichomes that give them a frozen, mouth-watering look. Many users characterize the impact of the black widow as unique, enthusiast, euphoric, and talkative. Be aware, too, that certain people find this kind of strain debilitating.


Black widow has a skunky, sweet fragrance with the addition of oak. It’s a scented flora, and you’re going to enjoy taking the aroma. Similar to how it smells, the Black Widow tastes the same. The flavour is fruity and skunky together with a nutty aftertaste which treats the senses.


The Black widow is extremely strong. While it’s a massive strain for newcomers to start with, it’s not the smartest way to vape if you’re not a regular weed consumer. You will almost immediately feel a high brain stirring, which enhances mood and leads to euphoria in general.

Black Widow often gives consumers a reasonable degree of relaxation, but you do not notice it because of its high head. If you handle this strain, you’ll feel relaxed, oriented, and hopefully imaginative. If you don’t, you’ll be lying on the couch and lingering for hours. Ideally, you’re expected to use the Black Widow at night.


Black widow has many possibly beneficial medicinal effects. It is also used to maximize focus and to allow the user to work at a higher level. Intense cerebral high makes it an ideal option for those searching for a mood boost, and this potent strain is the perfect option for those suffering from stress, exhaustion, or anxiety disorder.


Since it is Sativa-dominant, Black Widow maintains great indica to serve as a probable analgesic and very useful to cure anxiety since it has sedative properties. Black Widow produces several terpenes that help to build the taste and cure many medical conditions.

If you’re excited to try this potent strain, why are you waiting? Visit BMWO, one of the leading online dispensary, and order a black widow and start enjoying the incredible results.

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